Acquire boobs, disregard gains. BMI is just a number, whatever weight you feel comfortable at is your correct weight

i know that lol, 50kg isnt my ideal weight according to bmi, something in the 40’s is which is why im not overly concerned with my weight. i mean reaching 50kg would be awesome and thats my goal, but if i get fit and comfortable before i reach my goal its not going to be the end of the world if i never reach it :) this is all about me getting comfortable again.

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you aren’t fat though, just sayin

I know, I’m just a lot bigger then I used to be, and 10kg on a person my height tends to show a lot more then someone more average heighted, which has resulted in a very uncomfortable and unhappy me…and also a super unfit me which is annoying hahaha

I worked really hard last year to get to a place where I was happy and comfortable and it really did a number on my mental health and self esteem to lose so much fitness and to gain so much weight, like I put on more then I was at my heaviest before I started, it was a real low blow

A little backstory on my weight

Towards the middle of last year I was working out, eating healthy and well on my way to having the fantastic body of my dreams but then things started happening, some intentional others not so much that put a holt on my fitness journey. One major factor was I got surgery, major surgery, on my chest. I got boobs essentially. I went from an A to a DD/E, so yes that was elective but I couldnt exercise for months and even now 6 months later I still struggle or plain cant do things I did pre surgery. I lost alot of gains I had made and it made me feel horrible and it felt like why bother. And then to top it off my health started to deteriorate due to mainly my diet. I was a vegetarian however I wasn’t able to get the nutrients I sorely needed due to budget and time constraints so I needed to start adding meat to my diet again, this teamed with my sudden immobility I gained about 10kg in a very short time making me feel even worse, I cycled out of control into a fatty cycle of abuse and weight gain. I am determined now to fix this, not just to drop a few kilos but to get back in shape and start to feel good about myself again :)

Tl:dr - got fat, got unhappy, got fatter, now ima fix it :)

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ahhhh 5ft ur so tiny haha

Hahaha yea :P pre sure when we met I was sitting a lot/wearing ridiculous heels which make me look slightly less midgity.

Heres my before photos and a little info just so I can document my hopful transformation

Current Weight: 63kg (138.8pounds)

Goal weight: 50kg (110.2pounds)

Hight: 5ft

I want to be my goal weight by the time I leave for america in july :)

Honestly I’m not to bothered about weight I just want to be more comfortable in my own skin, I understand as I gain muscle and lose fat my weight may not change, 50kg just seemed like a good number for someone my height :)

Wish me luck!


Fair warning to all people on here I know in real life and who follow me after this post I am hopefully going to post a picture if myself in my underwear so I can document my planned weightloss over the next few weeks and months :) I only want to drop 10kg so hopefully if I work hard and do this right my after picture will soon follow :)